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How the Sun Ages Your Skin

Life on Earth needs the sun for survival, but sunlight also inflicts unwelcome health and cosmetic problems. In addition to causing damage that can turn into skin cancer, the sun’s rays result in premature aging of the skin. There are ways of treating sun-inflicted skin damage, such as with a Forever Young BBL Photofacial, but prevention is always preferable. Taking good care of your skin at every stage in life will allow you to enjoy your youthful appearance longer.

How Sun Damage Occurs

When your skin isn’t protected from the sun, the ultraviolet (UV) light penetrates the skin and triggers the formation of free radicals. These unstable molecules steal electrons from other molecules, and in doing so, trigger a chain reaction that inflicts skin damage. For example, when free radicals affect your skin’s collagen, you become more susceptible to wrinkles and sagging skin. When free radicals assault the lipids, your skin can become dry and irritated. And when your skin’s DNA is affected by free radicals, the result can be hyperpigmentation, age spots, and cell mutations that lead to skin cancer.

How to Prevent Sun Damage

The best way to protect yourself is to avoid spending long periods of time outdoors. Consider having your car and home windows tinted with a film that blocks UV rays. When you do leave home, apply sunscreen 30 minutes beforehand, and reapply it every two hours. Sunscreen is necessary regardless of the weather and time of year.

How to Treat Sun Damage

Although your skin health is dependent upon limiting sun exposure and using sunscreen, it’s inevitable that some sun damage will occur. If you do notice any abnormalities that might be indicative of skin cancer, you should immediately be examined by a dermatologist. Otherwise, a medical spa can treat your sun damage. Forever Young BBL Photofacial is a good option. It treats sun damage, discoloration, age spots, and even broken capillaries all at once. Chemical peels can also address sun damage.

At EpiCentre, you’ll find an array of products that can protect your skin from environmental hazards. We are a leading provider of professional-grade skincare for Dallas-area residents. Call 214-887-1577, if you’d like to consult with one of our skincare specialists about our treatments, including Forever Young BBL Photofacials and chemical peels.